Let us show you around the area with a city tour. City Tours will meet you at your hotel and create a customized excursion based on what you would like to see. We can assist you with bartering and translating and help you find unique souvenirs to take home.

1. Arusha Tour – Whether you want to learn about the earliest signs of mankind, find out about the city’s history, visit the park or interact with Arusha’s people, there are many ways to enjoy your City Tour.

2. Zanzibar Tour – The island has something to offer every kind of traveler, from the history enthusiast to the underwater realm explorer, coastal wanderer, the spice cuisine aficionado or active-water buff.  [Perhaps “water sports enthusiast” – active water buff isn’t quite right.]

3. Dar es Salaam Tour – With her many charms, Dar has much to offer. For an in-depth look into her past, go to the National Museum and House of Culture to see ethnographic collections, artifacts and colonialism vestiges.[colonialism vestiges isn’t quite right. Tell me what they would see and I’ll look for another phrase.]

4. Pemba Tour – This verdant island offers varied outdoor experiences, including a walking tour of the Ngezi Forest Reserve in search of the large fruit bats called Flying Foxes, visiting sandbanks, and scuba diving and snorkeling at pristine coral reefs.  [Visiting sandbanks doesn’t sound exciting. Are they photographic dunes like in Namibia?]  [So people usually get to see the Flying Foxes? “In search of” is often used to mean there is just a chance of seeing them.]

5. Mafia Tour – While you could spend your entire holiday in Mafia sunbathing in the powdery white sands or swimming in its azure waters, we suggest you take the time to explore its many fascinating, unspoiled treasures. [Need to explain what the treasures are.]

6. Bagamoyo Tour – History left its mark on Bagamoyo. You can visit various historical and cultural sites like the 13th century Kaole Ruins, the Old Fort to the first Post and Telegraph Bureau in East Africa. [is it correct that Kaole ruins are 13th century? I got that from a Trip Adviser review.]

7. Kilwa Tour – The port town of Kilwa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  From the 13th to the 16th century, much of the trade in the Indian Ocean thus passed through the hands of the merchants of Kilwa who dealt in gold, silver, pearls, perfumes,  Persian earthenware and Chinese porcelain.   [I don’t understand the reference to AfricaMecca.Is that the group that gives the tour there?]

8. Mwanza Tour – The Halwego Handebezyo Museum in Ukerewe Island should be included in your ethnic tour of Mwanza. Sunset boat cruises and fishing excursions are available.

9. Moshi Tour – You can take long walks in the coffee and banana plantations in Moshi, spend time bird watching, or experience the Mamba Marangu Cultural Tour for a glimpse into the traditional way of living of the Chagga people.

10. Kigoma Tour – Tour a traditional market packed with life and color. You can also visit the the historic town of Ujiji, a few kilometers from Kigoma, where Henry Stanley met David Livingstone.

11. Comprehensive Guide On Towns & Cities Of Tanzania – Read more on the coastal, lakeside, mountainside, metropolitan cities and towns in Tanzania.  [It seems like this is a book reference, not #11 of the tours you offer.]