Do you have passion for children? Volunteer in Tanzania in the Orphanage project and give much love, care and attention to orphaned children! Poverty, lack of education, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic are persistent and widespread problems for Tanzanians. With very little help from the government, many children are left homeless, and they only have orphanages to turn to. The orphanages are doing their best to educate, clothe, house and feed the children, but they are also underfunded and lack enough manpower to properly care for the orphans. New Hope partners up with the orphanages to lessen their burden and help them reach out to more children. By volunteering, you’ll be helping these orphanages to provide more care and attention to the children. Be a beacon of hope for the Tanzanian children, while discovering the exquisite wildlife and the majesty of Kilimanjaro!

Many Tanzanian orphanages can be found in urban areas. Cities, especially capital cities, are often not the most interesting parts of East African countries. Dar es Salaam has many lovely features, such as proximity to the sea, but it is large, sprawling and very congested, with poor roads and infrastructure. It is hot and humid, and many people only spend a short time there, on their way elsewhere. However many people, including myself, have found the city to have its good points; people are friendly and relaxed, you are never far from good food, and you might even be able to afford to live in a place by the sea! Other cities in Tanzania include Arusha, Mwanza, Tanga and Dodoma, the inland capital since independence, just over 50 years ago.

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