Lemosho Route (8 Day)

Day 1: Trail Head to Forest Camp

This route starts on the western side of Mt Kilimanjaro. After breakfast,your guide will come to the hotel with the company car and load your gear before leaving at 8:30 AM. You will meet your guide to begin your ascent around noon from base camp ( 7,500 ft). Beginning your climb, you may hear and see colobus monkeys , blue monkeys, Bush hyrax, and birds like Turaco, silvery-cheeked hornbill, and a lot of flycatchers. At the forest camp ranger hut (9,000 ft), you will locate your tent. After dinner your guide will share the plan for your hike beginning the next day, wake up time, and what to wear, as he will everyday .

Day 2: Forest Camp to Shira One

6:30 wake up. After 1.5 hours of hiking through the one forest, you begin seeing the giant heather. You will have lunch at Shira Ridge (10,500 ft) and like along its ridge transversing it at 11,600 ft. before heading through the heath and moorland Shira Camp where you will be able to see Mt Kilimanjaro’s snow cap.

Day 3: Shira Camp to Moir Hut (13,400 ft, 6-7 hrs)

En route to Moir Hut, you will have lunch at the former Scott Fischer Camp(12,800 ft) and enjoy the view of Kibo, one of Mt. Kilimanjaro’s 3 peaks. The day’s hike takes you through the plateau covered with moorland and heath while gradually climbing up the steep. To your southeast you will see geological features that appeared after the collapse of Shiva Peak.

Day 4: Moira Hut to Great Baranco Valley (13,100, 6-8 hrs)

Following breakfast at 8:45 AM, your hike will cross the Alpine Desert prior to descending to Baranco Valley where there is the Tundra Alpine with Giant Senecio’s. You will continue to acclimatize yourselves while hiking to Lava Tower (15,100 ft) prior to your descent to Branco Camp.

Day 5: Baranco Camp to Karenga Camp ( 13,500, 3-4hrs)

This day will involve a short but steep up and down hike. It will begin with a short hike followed by a view of different on Kibo Peak as well as a view of Moshi town and its surrounding plantations. Proceeding, you will cross Karenga Stream and continue on a short hike to acclimatize.

Day 6: Karanga to Barafu Camp (15,100 ft, 2.5-3 hrs)

This will be shortest climb day of your entire ascent, prior to your night summit. You will have beautiful and clear views of the Kibo Peak summit. At Barafu Camp, you will prepare your gear and what you will wear when beginning your summit that night.

Day 7: Summit Day (19,340, 6hrs)

Your ascent to the summit begins at 11PM. After hiking in the dark for 5 hours, you will arrive at Stella Point. After a hot drink, you will see a radiant sunrise on the east side if the summit. You will enjoy taking pictures and rest up before your descent to Barafu Camp and then continue to Mweka Camp overnight (10,000 ft).

Day 8: Mweka Camp to Base Camp ( 4-5 hrs)

After breakfast, you will hike through the dense mountain forest until arriving at the sign out hut and receive your certificate, prior to arriving at your hotel for showers, beer, and wine.

8 days plus 2 days spent at Hotel/Lodge