The company was established in March 2018 under the umbrella of the NGO Fortune Kids and Education Foundation Orphanage Center (which is a non-profit organization) with the aim providing a first-class safari experience while supporting orphans.

We also offer tourists a chance to experience life in Tanzania away from the glitter of Western style hotels. The most a typical tourist gets to see of village life is a Maasai village where villagers are paid to put on a show for tourists.

Our company provides our visitors with an authentic view of life in a village where the water has to be hauled by a water boozer from 3 miles away and food is cooked over charcoal. 

Instead of enriching a for-profit company, by patronizing Show Love to Orphans you are helping local Tanzanians to raise funds to support the orphans currently at the facility, and to eventually build a larger facility which can accommodate more children. .